Community Outreach

Capital City Rotaract engages in community service and volunteer activities benefiting the local community as well as efforts on a broader, global scale.

2013 Chili Cook-Off!  Rotaract’s 4th Annual Chili Cook-Off planned for March 22, 2013 at the Twisted Fish and will be a fun, important part of Rotaract’s agenda.   We are working to raise funds for ShelterBox, a disaster relief organization that is so important and valuable for the people it helps…  Please contact us if you or somebody you know is interested in becoming a potential chili-cook off contestant!


Our Professional Development Series has been underway…   We’ve met with some successful business owners and have received so much valuable insight!

·     1/25/12 – Meet at the Lucid Reverie/ AK Robotics, 6:00pm (located in the Emporium Mall, down the hall from the Nickelodeon Theatre) Pizza and pop included. [Afterthought]: Awesome business!  Very creative owners and comical ideas.
·     2/1/12 – Meet at The Rookery, 6:00pm.  Food and beverages included. [Afterthought]: Great hub with a casual atmosphere… Hard working & easy-going owners persevered successfully without a “business plan” and have an evolving business to show for it!
·     2/8/12 – Meet at B’s Bistro & Bakery, 5:30pm.  Invite friends ~ cookies to share!  [Afterthought]:  Wonderful food and an owner whose personality is magnetic and vivacious.  Reminded of how owning a business is like raising a child… B’s has a very dedicated mother.
·     2/28/12 – Meet at KXLL, 6:00pm (located at 360 Egan Drive).  Food and beverages [not] provided.
[Afterthought]:  Public radio is a very generous concept… It is meant to cater to listeners interests for that very purpose.  We’re lucky to have these stations run by so many volunteers so that we don’t get those brain-draining commercials! :) Thanks, Andy.

This series is meant to help Rotaract members:

1.       Understand how to start a business
2.       Recognize a connection between business and community (significance of the relationship between them)
3.       Be aware of potential mistakes and successes of developing a business
4.       Decipher useful marketing techniques
5.       Determine important steps in creating specific types of businesses

If you have suggestions for volunteer activities or have questions, please contact your exec team.


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